Hello and thank you for visiting! This is a demo for the game that I am currently working on. Pick from one of four classes and build your character with equipment and trait cards which will modify your pool of adventure dice, then face off against the goblin horde! I'd like to give a special thanks to Marshall Short over at Printable Heroes for giving me permission to use some of his art for the character cards and be sure to check out all of his great stuff over at https://printableheroes.com/minis

finally, I recommend running the game in full screen because I can't quite figure out how to upload it to run properly in windowed mode this morning and I have to start work soon.

Development log


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cool idea but I wish there was more explanation of what symbols mean & you could actually click to roll your dice instead of just waiting


Thank you for checking it out! I'll see what I can do as far as making a guide for the various dice symbols.

Decent Game concept, weapon and other art is sorta weird in comparison to actual character art.

haha for sure, the gear was done my me, the characters were done by an actual artist. Thanks for the feedback!